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Healthy cat treats

Hello Pet Parents,


Would anyone have any recommendations for a

healthy and natural cat treat formulated for

dental care?  I currently give Bob the Greenies

Dental Treats, which he loves. The only

problem is that they are SO big in size.


I am having a difficult time finding a treat

formulated for dental care that is all natural.


I will appreciate any recommendations that

you have.



Thank you,


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Re: Healthy cat treats

Hi Bobsmom!


Bob is adorable!  Thank you for posting a picture!


This is a good question, I feel like there's a much larger variety of dental treats available to dogs then cats... I usually recommend C.E.T oral hygiene treats for cats although I'm not sure how all natural they are. But, they do a really great job of cleaning the teeth while they chew.


Does anyone else have any recommendations? 




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Re: Healthy cat treats

Hi @BobsMom  :smileyhappy:  (Bob is so handsome, btw)


I always feel like us cat parents get gipped when it comes to treats and toys!  I'd also love to know some more suggestions - I currently give my cats Greenies as well.  Have you ever tried the water additive? I tried this one by Tropiclean.  I primarily got it for my dog, as she has dental issues, but the cats can drink it as well.  


I honestly don't know if it's making a difference, but it has helped my dog's breath a little bit!



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Re: Healthy cat treats

Hi Kittylover and JackieK


Thank you for the suggestions.

I will try both products.



Thanks again!

Bobsmom and Bob

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Re: Healthy cat treats

Hi BobsMom


What a gorgeous kitty!!!  Love the pic. 


There are 2 products that we've had great success with our cat, Charlie. 


He loves the PetGuard Organic Purrlicious Tartar Control Treats - and we feel good giving them to him as well :smileyhappy:


And, believe it or not, PetStages has a dental toy for cats that not only help with tarter, it has mint infused in it so it freshes his breath (clever, I tell ya).  We just got this one and so far, so good.


Here are some links for you to read about the products:






Hope it helps!



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Re: Healthy cat treats

Hi KittyCouch360,


I will add the PetGuard to the list of treats

for Bob to try.

Thanks so much for the suggestion.


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Re: Healthy cat treats

I also give CET treats to my two cats and in addition brush their teeth every other day with CET cat toothpaste. They never have to have their teeth cleaned when they get their annual vet checkup.
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Re: Healthy cat treats

[ Edited ]

Oh yes, I totally agree!  I can't wait to hear what others have to say.  


I hate the mess and would rather she didn't play with her dental treat.

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Re: Healthy cat treats

Hi kitty lovers,


One of the coolest cat treats-  for cats with teeth are raw chicken necks. When our cats had their teeth they loved them. I would  freeze them for a week or so, thaw them out and cut them into smaller, easier to handle pieces.


Since they are raw they are purrfectly safe. Never use cooked bones, of course.


They actually acted as if it was prey- and one of our cats that tried to steal a piece from his brother received a chilling growl warning.


Safe, inexpensive and no grain!

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