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Angry Halloween Cat

Does anyone else's cat do this?  Mine totally does!!!!


Frisky Friend
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Re: Angry Halloween Cat

Kiki  and Calvin do this all the time when they are playing! We call it the "backwards halloween cat jump" and I've seen them do them across our entire house before. So so funny.


I love the fluffy tail! Kiki's gets to be huge because she's fluffy, but even Calvin's tail poofs up. He has a stubby little tail usually, so when he puffs out like that it looks like a loaf of french bread.



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Re: Angry Halloween Cat

my cat totally does this all the time at my dog!!!  I love how she "hops" with her back all arched like that.  So cute!  great video, too :cattongue:

Pick of the Litter
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Re: Angry Halloween Cat

My grandma's cat Miss Kitty does this as if to say get out of my house, and when my grandma had her Lab Kacy there was a stray cat named Leapord that would visit that we fed she was gray with black spots. She did this whenever Kacy tried to be friends with her give her kisses whatever but he was a lab that never got over being a puppy and thought everyone was his friend well Leapord and Miss Kitty never were his friends they would rather not have dogs around at all.

Frisky Friend
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Re: Angry Halloween Cat

My kitties also do this - it's hilarious.   But they don't do it as well as Ultimate Halloween Cat!


You should try to parley that into a commercial.  :smileyhappy:

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