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Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

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I recently kicked all of the animals out of my bed and I'm now making them sleep in their own little beds.  It was tough at first, but I wasn't getting any sleep - they kept waking me up with their fighting!


Do you let your cat/dog sleep in your bed?  Why or why not?




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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

My cat absolutely sleeps in my bed with me!  She starts right on the pillow next to my head and sometime during the night ends up sleeping behind my knees.  I like it because she helps keep me warm!  I can't imagine not letting her sleep in my bed!

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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

absolutely!  Especially during the winter.  

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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

We don't let our dog sleep in bed with us.  She sleeps in her own bed on the floor next to our bed.  When we first rescued her about 6 months ago now, the biggest piece of advice we received from family and friends was to not let her sleep in our bed.  Even though every now and then I would like if she got to sleep in our bed, I'm glad we listened to their advice because she likes her own bed and she sleeps through the night with no problems. 

Also, she has gotten sick in the middle of the night before and I'm so happy that it was on the floor instead of our bed! 

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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

No. I LOVE my dog, but the bed is off limits as is all furniture. I will lay on the floor almost every day with him, roll around while playing, but I have to say I just don't care for the hair on the bed. 


When I was a kid (seemingly a VERY long time ago), I always invited our golden to sleep on the bed with me. 


They are very warm on cold nights though. My dog Boulder is THE best foot warmer when watching TV. Just slide my feet under him and ....warmth all around.



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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

We do not let our dog sleep in bed with us at night. Never have, even from the start, which was really hard when he was a cute fluffy puppy, but we knew he would grow up to be the 98lb monster he is today.


We do, however, allow him in bed to take naps with us, if he's scared from fireworks or thunderstorms, or his normal morning ritual (to jump in bed with me in the morning after my husband gets up and gets in the shower).


So, pretty much the only reason we don't let him sleep with us is the lack of room in bed for 3 bodies every night!

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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

Growing up, when it came to my furry family, I really had no choice. At least, I thought I didn't. And I really didn't mind. Mostly. Until they were in my face @ 2am or I couldn't turn to a new position, that is. My "Baby" cat, whom I had rescued, bottlefed and really was identified as her mom, would snuggle between my arm and body, her head propped up onto my shoulder as if I were her personal pillow. My other kitties did relatively the same thing.


I loved the closeness back then, but I think things would change nowadays. Being awoken by a furry booty right up in yo' face or shaking the whole dang bed because my doggie just found the right, "feel good" spot to scratch @ 4am. Fun, it is not.


I've come to find that it's better for all parties if everyone has their own bed/sanctuary. It's their own little piece of heaven. And really, this way no one disturbs the other while you enjoy your slumber. I'll have to refocus my cuddlin time as we watch Big Bang or whatnot.





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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

This is so funny LOL. I have a kitten like this cat. ;D
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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

I wish my cats would sleep in my bed! Instead they prefer sleeping with each other...

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Re: Do your cat/s sleep in your bed?

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