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Candy Canes For My Girls

I love the holidays! My question is I used to always buy candy canes every Christmas I still try to, but when I had my rat terrier Skitters she would always get them around the holidays and she loved them. Skitters is gone but that tradition of giving my dogs candy canes might remain. I want to know if it is okay to give them candy canes, for a treat every now and then during the holidays the little ones of course not the big ones? If it isn't safe what is the best peppermint flavored or holiday flavored alternative for dogs?

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Alternatives to Candy for Your Dog's Treats


Thank you for your question.


Although it sounds like a pleasant family tradition for you to give peppermint candies to your dogs over the Christmas holidays, you really are not doing your dogs any service from the perspective of health by providing them such treats.


Unfortunately, sugar and artificial color-laden peppermint candy does not provide any nutritional benefit to your dogs.


Instead of choosing something like candy, instead choose fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack.  I recently wrote an article on the topic for PetsMD’s The Daily Vet:


Additionally, here’s an article about human foods that make great pet treats:


Good luck,

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With my other dog Skitters she only got one candy cane ev...

With my other dog Skitters she only got one candy cane every christmas she loved them and I know stuff like that isn't really good for people or animals but the reason I ask is because it is okay every now and then to have a special treat.

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Mint drops

2 c. Brown rice flour

2/3 c. Water

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 lg. Egg

1/2 c. Carob chips (you can find these at a health food store)

1/2 c. Chopped parsley

1/3 c. Chopped fresh mint


preheat oven 350

mix all ingredients in lg. Bowl. Mixture should be the consistency of dough for drop cookies. (if dough is too thick add water gradually) Add dough too cookie sheet by the teaspoonful 1/2 inch apart.

Bake about 15 minutes turn off stove. Allow cookies to stand in oven until hard. approx. 1-2 hours.


I have never shaped these cookies or rolled them for cut-outs. Maybe you could shape them like candy canes or use a cookie cutter. Please let me know. Hope you enjoy.



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