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What is the best dog food to feed a 8 week old bullmastiff puppy?

I am getting me my first bullmastiff puppy at the end of next month and I've heard that you have to feed them a certain kind of food and I was just wondering what is the best food for a growing bullmastiff puppy?
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Dog food is like any other food for animals.  You have to...

Dog food is like any other food for animals.  You have to find what works for your dog.  Being that your dog is a bull mastiff I would definately reccomend a large breed puppy formula no matter what brand you choose.  The large breed formulas help balance their growth so that they have the proper bone mass to muscle and it also steadies their growth so that it stays even throughout their growing years instead of growing in spurts.  The other benefit of the large breed formulas is most brands have the joint supplements and omega 3 supplements right in them.  A personal choice and opinion of my own would be to go to a pet store or a feed store and buy one of the better brands of dog food and none of the cheap retail stuff you find in Walmart or other such stores.  Number one reason and the one I like to point out to everyone is just read the ingredients and all I can say is they are dogs.. not rabbits.  The cheaper retail brands of dog food have more by-products, corn, and useless grain in them than anything.  Not to mention a whole list of chemicals and crap I can't pronounce.  You want a food that has meat first.. bone meal is ok.  Essentially grain free is best I'm told.  But completely grain free foods are expensive.  I made a compramise and went with Diamond Naturals brand.  It's corn, wheat, and soy free.  It does have rice, but rice is more digestable for dogs than any other grain.  Other brands that I have heard good things about are Nutro and Nutro Max, Taste of the Wild, and Blue.  I have no experience with any of those brands but I have heard they are good.


Though they are no where near the size of a bull mastiff I have my APBT on Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy formula.  My vet reccomended it because of the eventual bone and muscle mass that APBT's have as an adult and also because of the joint supplements already in it and the breed is prone to hip displaysia.  But even after I researched it myself I would probably have put her on a large breed puppy formula anyway because every dog size chart I have come across labels anything that is 50 to 90 pounds as a large breed.  Though APBT's are short.. they have the mass of a large breed.  Kinda drives ya nuts when people keep telling me they are a medium breed.  I think their weight is a better judge of their breed size because afterall a Basset Hound is considered a large breed and they are shorter than APBT's.

One thing to think about when trying to decide on a food is that a better quality food means that they will get more out of it and in the long run they eat less of the better quality food to get the nutrients they need.

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Re: What is the best dog food to feed a 8 week old bullmastiff puppy?

Read what the nutritional factors are, as in what percentage protein and so on. With a large breed pup, you want a low protein diet so they don't grow too fast. This doesn't mean puppy will remain a puppy longer, it just slows the bone growth - very important for huge breeds like bullmastiffs.

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I have a 7month old bullmastiff


Hi I have a 8month old bullmastiff male , I researched what actually goes into commercial pet food and fed him on dog blocks prepared by my local butcher this is made up of meat and chicked ground bone meal and chicken backs. He has this as well as fish  and liver.You can feed it raw or I cook this for him with some gravy. He also has tripe and black pudding he is maintaining a healthy weigh (40kg) his coat is in tip top condition and he is so much more satisfied. I never have problems with his stools these are solid and healthy looking. At his 6month check my vet was very pleased at his condition and weight. If you look on the web as I did at commercial petfoods and the shocking truth about what they contain im sure you will agree knowing what goes into his food is better all round.

Hope this helps good luck with your new pup 


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