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Crate + House Training not going so well...



So our 9 month old malamute, Kina, is seriously stumping us. We need help. Here's the situation...


Kina doesn't seem to have any interest in being consistently house and crate trained. She goes for days being perfectly behaved both in her crate or in her space (we have a finished basement room for our dogs where they eat, sleep, and play). Then she just randomly starts up again with frequent accidents (of both varities)... and this goes on for days.


What's really stumping us is that most dogs by 9 months don't want to dirty their space, especially their crate. Our older dog looks terrified if he has an accident anywhere but outside, but Kina will gladly lay in her crate absolutely covered with everything and be insanely happy (it's easy to tell sad, happy, angry with her). It's weird.


As for schedule, here's another stumper. We have always always always taken her out, feed/water, and interacted with her on a consistent schedule. Yet if we take her outside for 20 minutes and let her do all her business and then put her back in her crate, there's a really good chance she'll do more business in there 30 minutes later.


And the last thing I know someone will bring up - Kina is not free fed nor does she have access to water freely (we've had some severe water problems and have seen a vet). She gets water in the morning and then goes outside, and water with dinner... and then goes outside.


Malamutes are rather different from other dogs in that they are incredibly stubborn and are constantly trying to test the pack order. We think this is her testing her limits and basically telling us that she wants to be in charge, but who knows!



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Re: Crate + House Training not going so well...

Hi @JTerry and thanks for posting!


My very first questions for you - where did you Kina?  If she is adopted, do you know anything about her background?


I'm asking because she doesn't mind being in her mess in the crate - it's often a sign of a puppy mill dog or a dog who was crated for long periods of time and it became a "normal" way of life.



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Re: Crate + House Training not going so well...

Kina came from a breeder at 10 weeks old, and we toured the entire facility and met all the family members well before choosing her. It was well done with lots of happy healthy dogs, so definitely not a puppy mill. Each malamute had their own insulated shed with a door of their own so they were able to be inside or out as they chose. It's a pretty standard setup for sled dog breeds. No crates at all.


The breeder did make a comment though that he was stumped with Kina's litter. While other pups were venturing outside on their own by 6-7 weeks (following mom), Kina's litter much preferred to stay inside and it was driving him nuts as he had to clean the shed over and over throughout the day, as well as cleaning up each puppy. They just weren't grasping the whole business outside thing.


If she prefers a messy home, any way to break that habit?

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