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Dog is peeing on wall

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I have  Aa7 yr old lab that is.  pee on my wall. Took vet no urine problems. any suggestions?

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Did any new animals come into the house recently any chan...

Did any new animals come into the house recently any changes about life at all at your house? That could be a factor, if your dog is a male try using a male wrap when he is in the house. Also are you sure he is peeing and not marking?

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Re: Dog is peeing on wall

I would put the dog food wherever the dog is peeing. I did when my 1 yr old german shepard peed anywhere he felt like. Solved that in 1 week by putting the dish wherever he chose to relieve himself no matter where it was in the house.

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Re: Dog is peeing on wall

I have a Shepherd, 3 years, that had the same issue. I read somewhere, sorry I don't remember, to use a cinnamon and water mixture and spray it on wherever he is peeing at. It worked for my baby and now she just pees outside, when I want her to and on command. Nice commands though. Hope this helps. If he licks the cinnamon its not going to work.

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Re: Dog is peeing on wall


Thank you for your question.


Often, inappropriate urination has an underlying medical cause (s) that needs to be evaluated before we default to the issue being as a result of “bad behavior”. If your dog is producing urine indoors as you describe, then I suggest she has an examination with your veterinarian and any recommended diagnostics. You indicated “took to vet no urine problems”. 


Diagnostic testing is an important part of the process as health issue associated with abnormal urination can be diagnosed, including:


  • Blood Testing- to monitor kidney levels (toxins normally excreted by the kidneys) and values pertaining to other organ systems (liver, pancreas, etc.) that may affect kidney function.


  • Urine Testing- urinalysis and urine culture to determine the presence of abnormal characteristics (presence of glucose, bacteria, crystals, ketones, kidney cells, etc.)


  • Diagnostic Imaging- ultrasound should be used to collect the urine sample (via cystocentesis) and evaluate the overall health of the bladder and kidneys.  X-rays can give an idea of other changes inside the abdominal cavity or with the low back/hips that can lead to discomfort/weakness while squatting to urinate


Were the above tests performed?


If no abnormalities were determined based on your veterinarian’s exam and diagnostic testing, then you can start to explore the issue from the perspective of behavior.  Make sure you take your dog outside on a leash at least three times daily (every eight hours), lead him to where you want him to urinate, give him verbal praise and a food treat (positive reinforcement) when he urinates in a desirable location, and then let him back inside.


Make sure you are cleaning the wall with an enzymatic or other type of pet-safe cleaner that will eliminate urine smell so he will not be motivated to urinate there in the future.


Good luck,

Dr. PM

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Dog peeing on wall

I never found a solution to this problem. We had a rescued female Poodle mix and my son brought home a male mini Doxie because he thought she needed a friend. When our little girl died we began looking for another Doxie to rescue. We found a small Doxie/Jack Russell who had lived a lot of his life on the streets. He immediately began marking in the house and of course, our little mini guy, who had never done that before, began marking too. Our new guy, Jake, was neutered as was our little guy so that wasn't the problem. We took Jake to the vet and he had no physical problems. They both were walked regularly and had easy access to a fenced backyard. I went online and got a lot of suggestions, mostly people said, get him neutered and that will solve the problem. As I said, he was already neutered. I tried every possible thing I or anyone else could think of including every sort of cleaning product, and nothing ever worked. I had to make sure the bottom shelves of every book case were empty, I taped incontinence pads everywhere they marked which cost a fortune and they'd find another place to mark anyhow. Perhaps there are trainers out there now who can help solve this problem. I never managed to solve it and spent a whole lot of time cleaning. As frustrating as it was, I never loved them any less. But now I rescue only little girls. My suggestion is that you search for a trainer who can work with you on this problem. 

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