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I am searching for information on post traumatic stress.

My dog was attacked while we were walking with a leash.  The dog got his front paw.

It wasn't much to see.  My dogs is a scardey cat anyhow, now it's really bad.  It's been 3 days

and he still refuses to walk on it.  The scraps are healing up nicely and he's getting really good at walking on 3 legs.  It feels the same as his other paws.  He'll let me move it and has full range of motion.  I think he could be dealing with fear.  He was rescued  just over a year ago.

He was very scared and shaking, he has really blossomed in the time we've had him.


It's only been 3 days, but I thought there might be some information out there that would help us out.  I spent a lot of time looking on the internet, and didn't find anything.

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Re: I am searching for information on post traumatic stress.

I reached out to Debbie Jacobs, who is trainer and writes for  Here's what she said:


"Probably the best place to look is for information gathered and produced by Dr. Frank McMillan of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Dogs do manifest most of the same symptoms of PTSD that are found in people. One, intrusive thoughts, is something we have yet to be able to identify in dogs. So based on the psychological criteria used to diagnose PTSD, we do not say that dogs suffer from PTSD (because we cannot say they experience intrusive thoughts), though for all intents and purposes they probably do suffer in the same way that humans do who have been diagnosed with PTSD. 


Regardless of whether or not we label a dog as a sufferer of PTSD, we address their issues through the use of systematic desensitization and counter conditioning, and medications." 



Debbie Jacobs CPDT-KA, CAP2

(Retired) Community Engagement Manager, Pet360

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