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my dog keeps potting in the house

OK so my dog is nearing 3 years and still potties in the house and its not just peeing, me and my fiance  take her out frequently. We let her out at 5 am and again at 8 am  and again at 12 and again at 4 and again at 8 pm and again at 12 am and we still find potty spots at  around 8. So we know she going between 5 and 8 am. Its not every morning but it is really frequent  . Around 2 or 3 times a week sometimes more. she goes out side every other time and we don't have problems  with anything else. She really well behaved every other time. I don't know what to do can someone give me some advice?

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Potty dog

Hi, I'm Jane, new to the site but I can sympathize with you. We adopted an AKC German Shepherd at 21/2 mos old, she is now 5 mos.

She keeps peeing in her crate and #2 also, disgusting. They say dogs won't go where they sleep, lol, mine does. We also take her out every couple hours. The only thing that worked is limiting her water to early hours.  We feed our 4 dogs at 3 pm, two go out whenever they want, we just open door hook them and down the stoep they go, we have a big yard, then they come bck when they want. The Chihuahua uses peepads when raining and cold or snowing, so most of the time, lol. Now Ginger the GS, if she gets water after 5 in evening, she will go in her crate even if taken out a lot later. I'm a night owl and go to bed around 4-5 am. So I can and do sometimes take her out at 2 am, but I found with no water after and making sure the last trip she is out long enough to do both, she hasn't gone in her crate or anywhere else. In the beginning she pee'd right after coming in from outside and she pooped places too, drove us nuts, every day, couple times a day. I feel for you, it's hard to get some to the age they quit and yours being older, you should check with vet unless she has always done this? Sometimes it is a medical issue, not serious one but they need something. If you make sure she goes both before bed and still does this, she needs to see a vet just to rule out anything like bladder infections or etc. I wish you luck, keep me informed if you don't mind. Hope Ginger keeps going good as she is now. Jane  :smileyhappy:

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