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Do You Buy Winter Clothes for your dogs?

I know it is getting colder out and although I am letting Abby and Shasta's coats grow out it is so cold here that we are more than likely going to have snow soon, so I went out trying to buy Abby and Shasta matching sweaters they only had two left and the one I bought for Shasta was too small, Abby's sweater fit just fine. Abby is large size and as for Shasta she is extra large size. I have a picture here of Abby wearing her new winter sweater. Does anyone else get their pets winter clothes? If so, do you know where I can find Shasta a matching sweater like this one? Also I would love to see pictures of dogs in their winter clothes! Happy Holidays everyone! I got the Sweater at walmart on sale so they won't be getting anymore I payed 5 bucks for both of them together.

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Abby looks so adorable in her sweater!!!!  I love the fri...

Abby looks so adorable in her sweater!!!!  I love the fringe on the end :catvery-happy:


I don't know where you would find another one that looks like that....I'm assuming there isn't a tag on the inside - so that you could google it and you knit?  I've knit up a few dog sweaters, and they actually aren't that hard to make....

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I love Abby's sweater!That color looks good on her :).I'd...

I love Abby's sweater!That color looks good on her :smileyhappy:.I'd say you got a really good deal.


I'm waiting on Beauregard's coat to get here :smileyhappy:.I got him a sweatshirt and pajama's...he is NOT too fond of the pj's yet but oh my goodness he looks so bloomin' cute in them :smileyhappy:...he still needs to grow a little more for them to fit right I think.They say that if we need to wear a jacket then our pets do too...just because they have fur doesn't really mean that they are warm enough outdoors after being inside all day.I know that my Riley tolerated going out in the weather better when he had his coat on and I am hoping that Beau will be the same way.

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We just got Avery a big sweater and he's loving it. He li...

We just got Avery a big sweater and he's loving it. He likes sitting outside and looking around so this is perfect



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Love Abbey's Sweater!

Love that beautiful purple sweater! The only place I can think of to look for a match is possibly Amazon. Good luck in your search! My lil guy is minpin mix and gets cold easily so whether he likes it or not when it gets old out, usually below 40, he has to wear something. He loves to go for walks so if he wants to go out he has to put something on :-) But once its on he gets busy and forgets all about it!!



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The answer to your question is yes, I buy winter clothes for my dog.  We have had Bella since April, but before that we had our beloved Maggie.  She died in March at the age of 13.  We felt so lonely without her that we had to find another one.  She is a basset hound and so was Maggie.  We saved all the sweaters we had for Maggie. and they fit Bella nicely.  We will be going to Rhode Island (from Florida) to spend Christmas with our daughter.  Bella will definitely be needing all the warm clothing we have for her.  I feel that it is in the best interest of my dog to make sure she is warm. 

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Clothing for dogs

George has a nice cosy showerproof coat, to wear when the weather is chilly or damp. In the UK we don't get very cold weather. We consider a couple of degrees below freezing really cold.

We will be getting him a nice fleece lined coat as soon as the temperature drops.

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I buy star winter coats too!

I buy star coats and sweaters for the cold weather too! The biggest issue I have is they creep. And I have not found one that fits right. They creep down her chubby (pig like) neck and her legs end up out of them and she ends up all disheveled (LOL). If I do not put something on her she shivers really bad. Her bed is usually right by the woodstove! Complete with a hot water bottle I will slip in between her blankets (spoiled). We already have snow and more is forecasted for today. Grrrrrr!!!! I do not knit or crochet, I posses no talent there. I have tried. Kudos to those of you who can. :smileyvery-happy:

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Moco loves his sweaters!

Even though it doesn't get too cold here in Dallas, Texas we still buy Moco sweaters to keep warm. Poor guy never really grew much fur on his underbelly and he shivers when he gets cold, so we bought him a little black/white/grey camo sweater the first year we had him. He loves wearing it! It's so adorable; if he finds the sweater on the ground he tries to put it on all by himself and will come to me when it doesn't work out like it should, lol. Silly pup. :smileyhappy: 


He's had this same sweater for 5 years now (wow, time flies!) and the velcro has started to damage and not work properly, so I'm planning on replacing it with little snaps instead. I'm not a fan of velcro, lol. It's amazing that this one sweater has lasted so long for him, but I need to get him another one so that this one can be washed at my leisure instead of right as soon as it gets dirty. He hasn't worn his sweater yet because it hasn't gotten below 50 here, yet, but I'm going to be pulling it out of the closet here soon. :smileyhappy:Moco Bungalow 76.jpgMoco Bungalow 53.jpg

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Winter Clothes

Very cute sweater!  I crochet so I have made sweaters for my dogs.  And I've bought some too.  I have a Fox Terrier mix and a Chihuahua mix they love to be under the covers so they get sweaters to go out when it's cold.  My daughter recently moved in with me and has brought her two dogs with her, so my dog family has increased.  I have to get some pictures taken to add them to my account.  We do lots of things for our wonderful pets getting them sweaters is just one of the things we do for all they give to us.

Have a great day!


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