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How do you show your dog love? Do you spoil your dog?

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You do spoil your dog, don't you?


I don't think this is really "spoiling."  More being the best pet parent I can be! But this is how I "spoil" my dogs:


1.  I took my favorite fluffy blanket and put it in Finn's crate for him to sleep on when I'm at work.

2.  Finn gets to choose which side of the bed he sleeps on each night.  I accomodate.

3. When  I take Dash with me on shopping trips I let him hang out in his bag and carry him everywhere:


4.  When Dash comes on a family outing, I make my parents sit in the backseat of the car so he can sit upfront in his carseat.



5.  Dash loves sweet potatoes so we give him 1/4 of a sweet potato at dinner ever night!



SO - How do you spoil YOUR dog?

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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

I'm the worst when it comes to spoiling!!!


I spoil with spending way too much money!  Daisy has 3 dog beds.  Three.  One for each room of my apartment.  And, of course, they are only the finest of the fine beds (more comfortable than my own bed)


I'm also terrible with spoiling with treats.  She always has to sit for a treat, but everytime a new treat comes out on the market I buy it and give it to her.  I've got about 5 different treat packages opened right now!

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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

He has better shampoo, better health insurance, a more chic wardrobe, and more friends: And I wouldn't have it any other way. He is my baby :smileywink:

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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

This spoiled guy gets special cuddle sessions before bed time...



Even though he got this fabulous new bed of his own...



He also gets to go on fun hikes and go swimming. So spoiled!


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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

I started a blog about my beagle. Lulu gets lots and lots of attention because of it. lol So I'm not the only one who spoils her. That makes things easy.


Lulu goes everywhere she's allowed. She's had sausage at a German restaurant, meatballs at an Italian restaurant and yogurt from Pinkberry. Not a surface in the house is forbidden to her. And I have a stockpile of Natural Balance treats, and she gets more every time we go to a store.


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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

I love it!
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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

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Tempo 08_19-2012 008.JPGHow don't I spoil him?  He has full run of the house, we go jogging or walking twice a day, every day...regardless... and he gets massages because he's getting older and gets stiff sometimes... Oh and a cheeseburger every Saturday.  I don't mind at all...He's my best friend and the sweetest boy ever, so nothing is too much....  :smileytongue: 

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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

DSC03445.JPGI do the following for my Maltipoos, Chloe and Niti:DSC03858.JPG


They each have elevated car seats and love their rides in the SUV, even around the block a few times if we are short on time.

The best food and treats money can buy.DSC03492.JPG

I get frozen knuckle bones shipped to me and watch as they enjoy.

I take Chloe for rides on my Vespa, in a back pack.  She loves them and gets so excited when I pull out the back pack.

Play a lot, even with an Animal Planet remote controlled spider!

Their beds are cushioned with the softest (our robes) materials known to man.

I take Chloe to work with me in her elavated seat in my work truck a lot.

Talk to them like they are humans.

Doggie bagels from Einsteins!  One per week which they hoard over for days until they eat them.


Yes, they are spoiled, but we (my wife Joni & I) made them that way.

They relish in it, and so do we!




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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

I spoil Riley, my 3 year old long-haired chihuahua by giving her three beds around the house (one in my bedroom, one in her crate, and one in the living room.) I let her sleep in my bedroom when she wants to- she tells me by getting in her tent. We go on walks just about every day now. My sister and I did a photo-shoot with Riley twice. She now gets healthy coconut flakes for dogs in her bowl with meals. She gets to be held or on someone's lap pretty much whenever she wants. I talk to her like a baby. Riley is the best girly I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She deserves spoiling. She is good about 90% of the time (no joke).

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Re: How do you spoil your dog?

i love this topic! i just signed them up to recieve a monthly surprise toy. i wont mention the numerous doggie beds and throws around our condo. the are well known throughout their neighborhood and local dog park which they visit a few times a week. they just their life jackets in preparation for their dog beach visits. this is just a snippet of the lifestyle of princess trudy ann the silky and st michael the snoodle/morkie mix... car seats for their road trips - they didnt want me to forget to add

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