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I just heard about microchips for your dog in case it gets lost.  Is that really a good option?  Is it safe?  Does it work?

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Hi RZapf, Microchips in dogs really work as long as the f...

Hi RZapf,

Microchips in dogs really work as long as the facility that they are taken to has a scanner to pull up your information.  The process of implanting the microchip is very simple and does not appear to bother the dog.  I had both of my dogs done and have never had any trouble with the chip.  I think that as a back up it is a good idea to always have an ID tag on your dog with your name, phone number and a message that reads "Needs Medication".  This will help ensure that the person whom finds your dog contacts the authorities right away instead of waiting or keeping your dog for their own. 


Hope this helps.


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It is always a good option to get your pet microchipped,...

It is always a good option to get your pet microchipped, its there for a lifetime, there are many stories of owners finding their pets years later due to the chip, and when you move you just change the information stored online (no more buying new tags over and over as they get outdated, lost or too scratched up).

  Most vets will try to do it when a spade/neuter is being done so that the animal is already sedated. The animal does not need to be sedated during the chipping, it just makes it easier.


    The vet will first scan the animal, to make sure there isnt already a chip, usually going up and down the legs to makesure it hasnt shifted.Then the vet will scan the chip first and make sure the code matches the code on the sticker, chip and the scanner. They then will put the chip in the needle. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice so the needle is like the size used for peircing. The vet will pinch the fur between the shoulder blades and insert the needle quickly and release the chip. 

 After the needle is removed they rub and pressuize the area for a few seconds and then they scan the back area to make sure the chip went in and is working.


      It's like getting a pericing, is it painless? That depends on the animal, I've seen kittens get a chip and not even realize it happened, but anyone who has got a pericing will know that sometimes theres a little pinch.

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Re: Microchips


I got my pekingese pup microchiped when he was about 13 weeks old,&& Its a great way to keep track of your pet.Its absolutly safe,They do it inbetween the shoulder blades its in a slightly bigger needle hen usual,But they use a numing agent also..


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