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Taking my dog on board on plane?!?

Does anyone have any tips for taking their dogs on planes? Mine is a chihuahua mix, and I am planning to take her with me to France this upcomming summer. Won't be my first time, but will be hers. She is about a foot tall (from her paws to top of back) and I want her to board with me. She is around 9-10 pounds, and we are probably going to take air france as our travel agency, I'm not sure yet. Should I buy doggy diapers for the airplane? She has all of her shots, and I know I have to go to my vet before we go on the plane. I will probably ask if they could give her sleeping pills because she cries a lot when she's hungry or isn't on me. What carrier should I buy? I don't know how tall the seats in the airplane are, so I don't know which ones to buy. I get really nervous in airplanes, and get motion sickness and usually take meds that knock me out for the airplane ride...I'm guessing I shouldn't do that if she comes with me. Thank you for your help! (:

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I would do the sleeping pills for her because planes are...

I would do the sleeping pills for her because planes are noisy when they take off and dogs ears are more sensitive than a humans ears. As for the carrier I understand I wouldn't want my dogs Abby and Shasta or my cat Shorty riding in the cargo hold of a plane either I would want them with me assuming they would actually fit in an underseat pet carrier. But let me see, there are carriers made special to go under seats on a plane now they are called Argo Aero-Pet Airline Approved. I found them on they have a free two day delivery and that is for shipping the price of the carrier is 99.00 they also have a variety of different colors, you can also cover the front of the carrier with a blanket if you don't want to give her pills this will affect her the same way it does birds and she will either just be quiet or go to sleep. As for diapers I wouldn't do that I would take potty pads if possible and when she needs to go take her carrier to the restroom on the plane let her out to go on the potty pad and then dispose of the potty pad in the trash or in the toilet. Doggie diapers are just too messy I think, have a good trip wish I could go there.

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Flying with your furbaby

I fly with my girl a lot as I am a travel nurse. She has even been to Hawaii, which is a very indepth process to get her there and have immediate release. If anyone is headed there I can give more tips.

Immunizations are important for certain areas when traveling. Areas where there are no or minimal rabies will need a titer before they can travel, and the titer requires a 3 month waiting period or the animal stays in quarantine until the 3 months is up, which can be very expensive. The other thing to make sure you check is if the animal can travel the whole trip in the cabin is they are small enough. My Cavalier is a rescue and only about 11 pounds. She stays in the cabin with me. When we fly to Hawaii we have to fly Alaska Airlines. They are the only airline that allows her to remain with me in the cabin. The rest of the airlines will not allow animals in cabin onto the islands. It is not a Hawaii issue, they will allow animals in on any flight, it is the airlines themselves. I think it is due to the fact that when you land someone from quarantine has to be there to take your pet directly to the quarantine area. You have to go to the quarantine area after getting your baggage and then pick up your pet. If all the paperwork is in order and the micorchip matches the paperwork you are all set to go.

Snub nosed or brachycephalic breeds should not travel in cargo. I would check with your vet for a yes or no before traveling.

As far as traveling in the air. I have a soft sided carrier. The airlines require that the animal be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier. Each airline has specific dimentions for online carriers. My little girl is good about flying.. she sleeps most of the time. I do however make sure she has some sort of refreshment on our long trips. I give her ice cubes to keep her hydrated and small treats to satisify her. Neither will require her to have to go potty while in the air. Each airport has a animal relief area somewhere on the grounds. If there is time between flights we take a trip out there. If you use the potty pads. Please DO NOT put them in the toilet. please bag them up and put them in the trash.. It could be a very long flight and a lot of angry passengers if the toilet was plugged.

There are a number of organic or homeopathic remidies used for pets who have travel anxiety. If you feel you have to cover the carrier please take it off for a short period of time to allow some air to circulate. It does get stuffy on the planes and you baby will feel the effects too. If I haven't covered everything here please feel free to shoot me a text and I will do my best to help you out.  Safe Journeys!

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flying with pup

Hey @Beanasaur !


I actually would recommend not doing the sleeping pill - unless your vet really recommends it because some dogs have the opposite reaction (they can become agitated in flight and more anxious) and can also affect their breathing and sense of balance!  But one thing you could do is ask the vet to prescribe one and do a trial run at home to see how she handles the meds.  If she just gets sleepy and doesn't have any bad side effects, then maybe it will be the same reaction once she is in flight.  Other options are the calming sprays, etc. you can find them here on Pet360.


The other thing about carriers - all airlines are different.  Just because a carrier is advertised that it is "in cabin" or flight approved does NOT mean that it is.  You have to check the airline and see what limits they have on the size and get the measurements for underneath the seat.


A carrier that I bought that is nothing short of amazing is by SleepyPod.  It's pricey, though (like, $160 pricey).  Well worth it in my opinion - and it will mold to the size beneath the airline seat.  It's very comfortable to carry and really well made.  You might be able to find one that is gently used on ebay or amazon, though!



You also may want to check out the Kobi carrier - it's a little cheaper, but not much.


The best blog I found for traveling with a small dog is here:  DogJaunt.

She even has a fantastic checklist for packing!!!


In regards to the diapers I agree with @Ches21 
on that one - too messy.  Depending on where you fly in and out of, some airports have a pet relief area.  You might want to see ahead of time if yours does.  But, I guess if they don't once you get past security you may need to, since you can't come and go as freely in airports any more...


Hope this helps and lets us know what you decide to do!

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Any advice on taking my dog on a plane? (in the cabin with me)

Any advice on air travel with a dog?


My 2.5 year old Bichon-Maltese will be on a 3 hour direct flight with me next month. First time doing this, and he is an anxious dog! I got the Sleepy Pod for this.He will be on the floor in front of me. (would never cargo this dog!) Not much room for him in this (he is 10.4 pounds), but he does fit. I am starting to get him used to going in with treats. I should have started earlier! We are going in a month. So far he does not seem happy to be closed in. It is a soft crate with mesh top/ends so he can see me at least. He was crated up until a few weeks ago, when his separation anxiety got worse so we took him out.


I really want to take him on this trip! We will be visiting my parents in florida from Wisconsin, so would be a great trip! My parents love him and vice versa, so it will be so cool. (they are in WI for most of the year, Florida in the winters, so he sees them alot during the year).


I'm a little nervous due to his anxiety and the thought of him being in the small crate for all that time (has to be in in the airport also). I just hope he doesn't freak out!  He is a bit of a barker!

I am hopeful that since I will be with him, that he will be ok. He is on low dose prozac for his anxiety. I will talk to the vet before we go also.




I would love advice or input from people who have travelled with dogs on the plane with them.






Laura and Rue




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Flying with your pup in cabin

First - Check with your specific airline and their requirements. Not all are the same. Some will post their requirements on their web site.


Consult your vet in advance. Once you decide on the carrier you are going to use for your dog and a calming drug, tr;y it at home at least two weeks in advance. Familiarize your dog with the carrier so it is not some strange new contraption.


Know the flight itinierary. Be familiar with stops, plane changes, layovers, opportunities to potty your pup.


Good Luck!!

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Taking a dog or cat on a plane

By now Beanasaur has likely found that international travel with a dog or cat is extremely complicated, costly and nerve wracking for the owner.  In 2012 and 2013, The European Union and all airlines appear to have changed the rules on In-Cabin pet travel for international flights - none I searched in late 2013 allowed this.  They required separate shipment by their Air Cargo or Air Freight type of sections.  Further, check both the country of destination's web site on importing animals, AND check with your vet.  The mandatory forms - available on the USDA web site and/or the Country's web site, and shots and signature/certification process is lengthy and costly.  I spent almost $700 getting my cat ready to travel in 2009.  If you MUST take your pet, start your research 3 or 4 months ahead of time.   However, domestic flights apparently still allow this.  First, you must check with your airline, each is different.  Their websites are a good starting point.  If your pet is small enough, there are many soft sided carriers that will fit under the seat in front of you - standard airline requirement.  The very best liner for any carrier is the Dry Fur Pet Pads, these are lightweight, super absorbent pads - don't rely on towels or such as your beloved pet will arrive wet and messy, not nice for it or you.  Many on-line pet supply companies carry them as does Amazon.  I used these Pads in 2009 to travel from Oregon to Germany with a cat, I lined the bottom of a Sherpa soft side carrier with a commercial Puppy Pad, just in case, then a Dry Fur Pet Pad.  After about 14 hours traveling, my cat arrived dry and comfy.  You could see the urine coloration - but no wet spot - and a couple of lumps of feces.  My cat was totally dry though.  I have since bought these for family members traveling long distances and each cat (total of 6) arrived clean and dry.  In closing, never travel by any method without doing advance research, verify acceptance with carrier (i.e., airline) and lodging - some hotels/motels accept pets and others do not.  Do not forget the include and carry food, water, treats and if an overnight is involved, a familiar toy or blanket.  Traveling with todays requirements and restrictions is hard on humans and even harder on our pets.  Proper planning and equipment helps a lot.  Good Luck.  "Been There - Done That".

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Taking a cat or dog on a plane

OOOPS, I forgot to add: 

Most airlines will not accept an animal for transport if they have been given a sedative.  Your vet can advise on the problems and dangers associated with tranquilizing your pet. 


That said, there is a "calming" spray called Rescue Remedy which is a natural, plant based product.  It is safe for both humans, cats and dogs.....   :-)  I used a small application of this on my cat on his last trip.  I also sprayed the carrier about 15 minutes before putting him in it with "Comfort Zone Feliway", this product mimic feline pheromones that calm stressed cats.  I do not know if it works on dogs ---  check with your Vet on appropriate use of either product.



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Size Restrictions

I took my then 4 month old Bedlington Terrier on a 6 hour flight to California in December and he was an absolute gem. He slept the entire way and never whimpered a bit, peed upon arrival in the designated areas at our layover and our final destination. At the time he must have wieghed about 8 - 10 pounds. He is currently 6 months (going on 7) 14 pounds and taller. Though I can still squeeze him in his carrier bag and push it under a seat (and it meets restrictions for the airline) and I know he will comply and lay still, it is a tight fit. To stay within the bag he has to be lying down with his feet bunched up beneath him. During our last flight I did put him in my lap for a while with a blanket over and during this coming flight my husband will be next to me, so he'll have double lap space presuming they're so flexible, however that is unlikely. My question is, does it seem cruel to cram him in this bag for the pleasure of bringing him along on our vacation. I know it's possible and legit, but if it is a worse case scenario where they don't even allow him to put his head out of the bag he will be stuck in the same cramped position for hours. Thoughts? 

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Re: Taking my dog on board on plane?!?

Im also taking my 5 lb puppy on the plane with me.   As for the sleeping pills, my vet suggested giving her 3.2 cc's of  childrens Benydryl.  Try it before you plan your trip to see how it affects your dog.  Happy Trails!

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