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My Ziggi

A day does not go by without me thanking Ziggi for picking me to share his life with for always.  I had lost my Wolfie of 18 years and thought I could not go through that again and then I saw Ziggi!!!   He came right to me and asked to be picked up........And I did and the rest is history.

He gives me love and laughter every day and helps me to what to continue living.  


I am a disabled veteran and his company has been a blessing to help me cope with the daily stresses.  He is right now by my side and always comes when I call.  Yes, he is picky about what he eats but I don't care, it just reminds me of when my children were young!


Ziggi is part of me and I am so very thankful for him.

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Re: My Ziggi

Hi ZiggiMom,


Thanks for sharing!  Ziggi looks so snugglie and soft!  I'm sure he's just as thankful you brought him home!




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Re: My Ziggi

She looks like a real love. It's amazing how much our animals give us and how very little they want in exchange. I don't know what I'd do without my girls.

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