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Arthritis, arthritis, arthritis!

It is another damp day and it is in the low 40's.  We had a beautiful day yesterday and Tec got to run around and enjoy all the smells.  His favorite thing to do, other than chase a ball, is to join me in the chore of feeding the chickens.  The chickens are within a fenced area but Tec runs the perimeter and this causes his arthritis to flare up.  He pays for this with a painful night in which he cries on and off.  I give him 1 and a half baby aspirin as needed for the pain and then we both get some sleep.  If he moves suddenly he cries out in pain. I understand his pain since I struggle with this ailment. 

Is there anything that a member can think of that is natural to help Tec? 

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I used to give my dog,Riley treats that had chondroitin a...



I used to give my dog,Riley treats that had chondroitin and glucosimine in them to help with his joint pain.They did seem to help for a while.I am so sorry that Tec suffers from Uncle Arthur.

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Arthur is such a painful condition and it takes it's toll especially on the lager breeds. My golden had it in her hips very severely. I tried diet and therapy at home and what gave her the most relief was water(swimming) and Glucosamine with chondriton(supplement)I gave to her with her food daily and what a huge difference. Glucosamine with Chondriton has no artificial colors,flavors or sweeteners. It contains no soy,wheat,gluten preservatives etc. It helps to lubricate the joints and rejuvenate cartilage. I am not a vet but when my vet recommended I use this many moons ago it was great. Hope this helps. Check out the shop here on pet360 and just type in the word glucosamine and a few choices should pop up for you. There are chewable vitamins and tablets for you to choose from! Hope this is helpful. Hope Tec is back up herding those chickens soon!

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Hey I saw your request for arthritis info. I just happened along stumbling across the internet when I found this site, the story about misunderstood breeds that get a bad name, like mine. Then saw you message. I can offer help that really works. Not sure of your stance on meds for dogs as some are holistic. But I have two German SHepherds. My Luther plays so hard and as he has gotten to 6 yrs now he is stiff and sore at nights often. He too will cry and be vocal. We took him to the vet and he gave a chewable tablet that can be broken in half if not really sore and a whole one if he is. The Drug is REMADYL and it is really good. I like it because it works quickly and he doesn't need it daily. Some babies will with arthritis depending on stage. That is exactly what it is made for though! I am not thinking it is much in cost for a good sized bottle and they last us as he doesn't need nightly...yet. He doesn't have displaysia in his hips at all so we are lucky. We adopted a female German shepherd and she is a couple years younger but from time to time she is sore to as they play so hard. When I throw the ball they fly like they are border collies through the air to make fancy catches. In a pinch we give him upon the advice of the web and our Vet childrens liquid Ibuprofen. It is flavored and yes there are flavors he likes and others he doesn't and give him the amount you would a child according to weight. For our shepherds that is a full cap cup. He doesn't like orange I think. Cheyenne loves them all. Luther is good with the bubble gum flavor. One dose of either the Ibuprofen or the Remadyl is all it takes. I will give about an hour before bed if I notice him having a tough time getting up. If he is laying and moaning before bed I go ahead and give. It really does help and is made for Arthritis. It is a beef flavored chewable and Luther and Cheyenne will both freely walk to the linen closet door where they have all their supplies to come and get it! He sleeps well and is ready again in the morning. ACtually I gave it once mid day and he felt so much better within an hour he carried his ball to me wagging that tail. I made him rest that day though. Good luck!

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Thank you for the wonderful information. I will speak with Tec's vet about the medication. I give Tec the Tylenol as needed and that does help. It breaks my heart to see him in pain. He also likes to run and jump when playing ball. I really have to watch that he doesn't jump up like you say your dog does. He misses that but to hear him yelp is terrible. When that happens he will head back to the house and go inside to his bed. I will definitely follow up on your advice.  Again, thank you! 

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Fruits, Veggies, Water and Exercise!

Despite the fact that Abby is only 4 years old she gets arthritis in this cold weather and where I live the cold weather is the worst in January through April and in fact one year it didn't snow until May and then we have killer summers that the humidity is crazy. Shasta is 8 years old and also has arthritis which means when I walk them wanting to be fair I take them at the same time and although Abby would like the walks to be much longer I don't think Shasta could handle any more the most we have ever done with Shasta along is 4 blocks and then when we get home Shasta and Abby both want to play in the backyard but once they come in Shasta is pooped and Abby is still full of energy. But the Arthritis is a problem in both of them and it only seems to happen when it is cold out at least for Abby as for Shasta she is an older girl and it occurs a lot more often in her than it does in Abby. What seems to work though for both of them is their exercise if they get enough each day it doesn't seem to bother them as much so that is what I do plenty of water and exercise and I am not sure if fruit and veggies help but they get those almost every day they love them.

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My dog is also a shepard.  He is part something else but he is the world to me.  I look back at those days when he use to run and jump endlessly and never tire.  Now he gives in earlier and doesn't run as hard.  Age does take its toll. 

I am using tylenol on Tec and that helps with the pain.  He loves green beans and many other veggies.  He will sit there patiently waiting for his share.  I recently read and article about the various veggies that are good for dogs.  Green beand were high on the list and asparagus and brussel sprouts were also on the list.  Sweet potatoes were also there.  I see many brands of dog foods are also adding sweet potatoes to the ingredients.  My daughters dogs have been know to still the pumpkin off the counter and eat the meat of the pumpkin.  Dogs are just like children when they get into mischief.  I have to say that I have to laugh much sooner when to dog is into trouble then when my children were.  My children consist of two daughters that are 32 and 33 in age.  I can still remember how it would pain me to see them cry. 

Thank you so much for your reply.


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I have two older boxers that have arthritis. The older of...
I have two older boxers that have arthritis. The older of the two does not show that she is ever in pain, but the younger has a really hard time walking. Drags his feet a lot. We have tried just about everything. Doctor said at some point we will need to put him down for it. We just had him checked again late Nov. for a shot, but vet could not do it because his heart rate went up and they found he has a fractured vertebra from sometime ago; not sure how that happened. We do not remember any significant falls he may have had. He was really playful and active until about 8 years old and then just went down hill from there. Breaks our heart:smileysad:
The doctor says that he is not in pain or does not show that he is in pain so it is not necessary to put him down yet. We have been through so much with both senior dogs this year from surgeries such as removing tumors, to hematoma a, to removing a spleen because of cancer. It is exhausting, but we love our dogs like children that we would do anything to make them better or not suffer. I am just happy I am able to spend this time with them for a little while longer:smileyhappy:
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Bless your dogs and you.  No animal should have to suffer...

Bless your dogs and you.  No animal should have to suffer.  So far Tec has not had to experience surgery.  Knock on wood!  I feel we are lucky to have such wonderful friends as our dogs.  Every day is a blessing to have Tec by my side and to feel his cold nose on my hand or face.  I find joy in the smell of his coat or they way he lets me know that he is happy.

My dog has been my number one pal for so long that I dread the day that he is no longer with me. 

Thank you for your reply and I hope that you have your dogs around for a long time.



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We inherited an older guy in August and he was having some real problems -- one was over weight and two was just not moving enough.  Through a Dogster site I heard about a product from  It really has worked for him.  It is advanced hip and joint formula and something called fresh factors.  We are impressed -- he can run and jump again and we are not worring about giving him the traditional doggie meds.  Check it out.