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Fear of car rides

I have a rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Abandoned early in life (baby), found by rescue group.They told me any training would take a lot ot time and patience.  I really want to be able to take her to a nearby dog park so she can run like her breed.  She refused to get in the car.  She is too heavy to lift.  I know this is probably due to the way she was dumped, but how can I get her to go?  Treats don't motivate her. 

Any ideas are appreciated.


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Make a game of it. Try opening both backseat doors and you go in first and hopefully your dog will follow. If you are driving a suv or other large vehicle you might try putting your dog's front paws on floorboard first. You may have to start with some type of ramp if you are wanting your dog to jump in the very back. Also if your dog is food motivated try some really delicious treat such as boiled chicken especially if you don't normally use this as a  treat.If your dog is more toy motivated a really exciting new toy can help. Once your dog is in the vehicle make sure to drive somewhere fun or just go for a short drive. With patience and working at this everyday your dog should come around and soon hop in.

You didn't say how old your dog was, but some dogs go through a stage  in puppyhood when they balk at getting in a car.

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