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New Cat Breed Cabbit Real Or Fake?

Rabbit + Cat = Cabbit?

Assalamualaikum wbt
Long ago I've found a man showed his weird cat which he claimed the cat was a mix breed between cat and rabbit. The cat has a normal appearance like any other cat, but the difference is she hops like a rabbit because her hind leg is really similar with the one that bunny has. I'm very curious to know how he do that, is't by simple cross breed between rabbit and cat or by finding some animal experts to genetically manipulate genes to produce a hybrid animal?
Later I found out that there's no such thing exist. A cabbit is only a myth that has started as early as 1845 where writer Joseph Train of Castle Douglas claim that Manx cats were the product of matings between female cats and buck rabbits. When people saw a tailless cat with longer hind legs, they quickly made a speculation that one of its parents was a rabbit. But after understanding the genetics theory, the assumption is totally wrong! 
Closely related species can hybridize such as horses and donkeys that produce mules but cats and rabbits are too distantly related. Rabbits are vegetarian and cats are carnivores, how can they breed together?
Yes they're exist, but not from hybrid of rabbit and cat but because of the genes defects. A cabbit just a name given to a cat that has dysplasia.   Dysplasia is a term use in pathology to refer an abnormality of development. The cabbit may exist if a spontaneous mutation occur  which affect the spine, tail and legs  or the kittens develop abnormally in the womb and have a non-hereditary birth defect. 
Video showing cabbit playing.
Can science manipulate the genes to produce new species of animal? 
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