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Stinky Pup!

My lovely girl is a shepherd/hound mix. The hound may make her a little more---fragrant---than other breeds (so I've read). To be clear, it's not her breath---it's just her coat. It gets really oily and smelly.I made the mistake of giving her a couple of baths too close together, and now her skin is dry. I've tried spraying her with warm water and coconut extract, but it doesn't last more than an hour or two.


My husband, who isn't really a dog person to start with, is getting a bit cranky about it, and I don't want my dog to be the first thing people smell when they enter my home. I don't want to dry out her skin any further with alcohol-based products, and I need something lasting so our carpets aren't stinky, either. What are my options? 

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Re: Stinky Pup!

Beautiful dog!  I have used Head and Shoulders on my doxie when she had some skin issues. Not promoting using people products but it did help. I'm not sure if they make dog shampoo for oily coats but they do make it for people. I find lots of good stuff on pinterest related to dog stuff, you might want to look there for home made shampoos for dogs with oily or smelly coats.

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Re: Stinky Pup!

Hi @rasnyder7 !


Your pup is adorable!!!! So, adorable and stinky :smileywink:  Have you ever tried any of the earthbath products?  I know they are all natural shampoos, etc.  I used the Puppy shampoo (smells really good) and I've used the wipes - my dog has very sensitive and dry skin - and I think they work pretty well.


My dog is pretty stinky, too!

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Re: Stinky Pup!

@rasnyder7  - you may also want to check out FreshDog - they make a dog powder product and a waterless bath foam (totally natural) that you can just dust on your pup and don't even have to use water!  you can find it at


I love the waterless bath foam - it smells so good!

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Re: Stinky Pup!

Change your pet's DOG FOOD.  I used Proline!!!!!!!  Proline has a WIDE variety of EVERYTHING you will love that will keep your pet HEALTHY.  I had a house pet (K9) and people often visited my home and COULDN'T believe I had a PET in the home.  No PET ORDERS of any kind.


I strongly believe you will enjoy the PROLINE DOG FOOD for your pet.  Take care.



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Re: Stinky Pup!


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Re: Stinky Pup!

Your dog is beautiful.  I like using the Animal Scents shampoo from Young Living.  It is very gentle and leaves their coat so soft and silky.  Because it has therapeutic grade essential oils in the formula it leaves them smelling wonderful.

Another thing I use is I mix 20 drops (or so) of Purification Essential Oil (also by Young Living) with 4 oz of water, shake it up and mist the dog and all bedding.  Purification is excellent for eliminating all types of odor.

Good luck!

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Re: Stinky Pup!
Yesterday I noticed my 6 1/2 month old lab pup smelled sour, for lack of a better description. Not his breath- his body. I thought that perhaps he found something to roll around in outside. This morning he went to the vet to be neutered. They called me to let me know how he was doing and told me that they found a red patch on his belly and that when they shaved him for surgery, the shaved area became irritated and are sending him home with amoxicillin for his news to me sensitive skin. I called my groomer friend and asked her about it and she said that the sensitive skin would explain the sour smell. She advised to of course, give him the amoxicillin and in 10 days to bring him in and they'll bathe him with a sensitive skin shampoo. So my advice is to check for skin sensitivity. Good luck!