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Lyme Disease Alert!!!!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up for all of our pets.  I had to take my Pit, Ava, to the vet this past Thursday as she hurt her leg....probably doing her 0-60mph in 2.2 sec. burn outs across our hardwood floors :smileyhappy:  Since she was having joint pain and I really was not sure exactly, the vet tested her for Lyme disease....which never even occurred to me!!!  Fortunately, Ava just had a mild sprain to her knee.  However, the vet told me that Lyme disease is absolutely rampant right now.  She said they are seeing a ton of cases....even in animals that are not out in woodsy areas.  Apparently the tic population is really bad this year!!  She said two of her own dogs have it!!!  So again....just a heads-up that this year seems to be particularly bad for Lyme Disease in animals!!  So keep your pets safe!!!!! 


A side note......Ava is not a fan of the she attempted to hide in my purse :smileyhappy:  Buried her head in it....Apparently she felt if she stuck her head in my purse and refused to come out, maybe the vet would not see her :smileyhappy:

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Re: Lyme Disease Alert!!!!

Thanks for the heads up!  I know some people never really think that far forward when it comes to tick prevention but I'm always paranoid about bugs in general on my animals.  I can see why they would consider lyme disease as it causes joint pain and stiffness in people as well as animals.  Good to know that Ava is clear of that.  Hope she has a speedy recovery!


Still laughing about her hiding in your purse! LOL

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Re: Lyme Disease Alert!!!!

We live in NY's Hudson Valley from May through October. Prime tick season & the suckers are so small you need a fine toothed comb & a magnifying glass to find them. I'm not a fan of chemical treatments; if it kills bugs it can't be good for other living things either. I use diluted essential oils that I mix myself but you can purchase Ecosmart spray at places like Target Or Home Depot or online. I also put a plant based yeast free powder in my dog's food & give her drops that make her unappetizing to bugs. carries  the Earth Animal brand

which seems to work well. My girl is three years old, weighs 115 lbs., is flea & tick free & just had another negative heartworm test! Results are the best form of advertising. We also spend half the year in southwest Florida, which is Flea City & since we've been using these products we haven't had any problems.

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Re: Lyme Disease Alert!!!!


My name is Linda and I just joined the sight.  I am looking for advice and help.  My DaisyMae was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Last thing I expected, but I also caught her limping off and on.  Also noticed that her kidneys were not operating normal.  The vet tested her, she was put on 1 month of antibiotics.  The limp went away, but her kidney problem did not.  The vet did a sonogram and found a tumor on her kidney caused by the Lyme disease.  She's now on another two weeks of antibiotic.  If that doesn't work, the urine samples he sent to the pathologists could show possible cancer, we of course have a problem.  We are devastated.  The vet said we could put her on chemo pills if tests show positive for cancer.  She's only 8 years old.  We all know how horrible chemo can be.  I haven't asked the vet if that would cure it, but do I want to do that to her.  She's still very playful, eats well, likes to run, all those things.  My husband and I talked about just putting her on pain medication to keep her comfortable as long as we can.  I need to know - What do you think?  Has anyone ever given chemo medication to their dog?  How did it go?  Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.  Linda