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crazy boxer and Hi

have a crazy boxer who looks out of window crying if I go out even if she left with rest of family , help ??Am a disabled mum to my doggies and 4 kids all grown up now suffer major allergies so am not sure as hse follows me all over house when am home and am often ill she helps me get upstairs etc , so am just wondering if she panicking I may get ill and she cant get me help ??

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Re: crazy boxer and Hi

@dolang2012 ,


Hello and Welcome to Pet360's Separation Anxiety group!


Although I'm sad to hear that your Boxer is exhibiting signs of distress while being left alone, we're very happy to have you both join our group! I love Boxers, such majestic creatures... Do you happen to have any pictures of her that you could share with us? By the way, what's her name? Sorry! Didn't catch that part...


Anyway, please have a look at the Separation Anxiety eBook available as a FREE adobe acrobat (.pdf) download on the group's home page. It details many tips and tricks that have helped us help our pets along the way. 


First and foremost, the best way to help your Boxer become comfortable with being home alone is to start practicing leaving her home for short periods of time. Try going to get the mail alone and come back. If she's calm and not jumping, panting, or showing other signs of over-excitement, calmly pet her on the head and say "good girl" and resume your day as usual. You'll want to try to leave her periodically for these short spurts as often as you can throughout the day so she can become comfortable during that two-hour errand run time she's left home alone. 


It is a gradual process and does take patience and time, but you can help her become more secure in being left home alone. :smileyhappy:


Take care!

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