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Re: cat xrays

Hi mommie,


Was your cat sedated to be x-rayed?


We've had our kitties x-rayed many times for different conditions.  New things can be scary for kitties- and even being at the vet- and the car ride can be stressful.  And since you guy is a Senior Catizen, these things can truly be upsetting and disquieting. 


He should settle down in a little while- and stop reacting to noises or movement in the house. Just let him relax and take it easy- till he gets rid of the "jitters". Spend some quiet time with him.


While our kitties  love our vet they are not particularly fond of the trip to the clinic- or car rides.



If he doesn't calm down in a few hours- if he was my cat, I might consider giving my vet a call. 

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cat xrays

my 16 year old male cat was recently x-rayed which left him a nervous wreck he is very frightend of any little noise or movement has anyone else had this problem and what can I do?

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