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Flea and Tick treatment options?

What do you do when your dog is allergic to topical flea and tick treatments?


My APBT, Dragyn, has skin allergies and has severe reactions to any topical type of flea and tick treatment I have tried to use on her.  I've tried collars and one spot type treatments both and all of them give her a skin rash and make her fur fall out.  Shampoos don't seem to bother her but I can't keep bathing her twice a week just to keep the fleas off.  I was at my wits end and finally went to the vet and against his preference we tried a treatment of Comfortis.  It worked WONDERS!  Fleas are gone so I'm happy and she's happy but the thing that I already don't like about it is that I still find fleas on her.  They are not there for long because the Comfortis is a monthly treatment.  It stays in their system some how and will kill any fleas that do get on them.  So the fleas are not there for long and it's only one or two but the point is they are still there long enough they could get tracked into the house.  My vet reccomends against any kind of internal flea medication but he even admitted we had to do SOMETHING because Dragyn's allergies were getting out of control (she's allergic to fleas).  So on a short term basis the Comfortis worked well but for me it's not a long term answer because it doesn't keep the fleas off of Dragyn 100%.  Dragyn had no side effects to the Comfortis but I have read and heard some awful things about the medication even leading up to eventual death of a dog.  I've seen none of the adverse reactions in Dragyn that many spoke of and she had the treatment 2 weeks ago.  One thing that also bothers me is Comfortis only works for fleas and leaves her open to the danger of Ticks.  Does anyone know of any other flea and tick treatments out there that are available that won't be as harsh on her skin?  I would love to just use a flea collar but I have yet to find one that won't make her fur fall out.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Flea and Tick treatment options?

Great question, @Dragyn - I'll see if I can find one of our vets to weigh in on this since no one has replied.  I'm realizing that my dog Astrid has major skin issues, and I'm worried the typical treatments will further irritate her skin....

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