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Flea and Tick treatment options?

I love my miniature poodle my mother left me that I gave her.  But lately I have notice for the first time since we go him ( my mother was living with me before she passed 4 years ago) I had got him for her because I was active army so she was alone most of the time.  Anyway during those times I never once saw a flea or a tick in my apartment. Not on the couch or beds I let him on it because my mother was disabled and sickly. Now am retired now and live in Va and have found 3 ticks in my apartment. I have the put tick spot on him instead of a flea collar. I do not do ticks and fleas or any bugs in my house.  I am a very clean person. This week I will bomb my apartment but my fear is that they will come back by way of the spoiled poodle.  Please help me to solve this problem.  Thank you Spoiled Poodles owner.


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Re: Flea and Tick treatment options?

I would be hesitant to use a bombing agent in your home, you may or may not realize this goes in everything from your plates, food, surfaces etc,. its a pesticide and its not a healthy alternative to a few ticks while I fully understand your thoughts on a clean house as  I too freak out if there as much as a cricket in our house neverless a blood sucking critter like fleas and ticks and keep a very clean house.


I use a product called Wondercide - its all natural and smells like cedar, you can use it on yourself or your pet. While I will agree its not anywhere near the strength of the topical drop on the market, think about it how powerful is that topical flea and tick that it can last for 30 days... think about you with some bug spray at a Picnic your applying it several times because it looses it potency - The reason I use an all natural less potent product is that in my heart I believe that a topical spot on product killed my last dog as he developed uncontrolled seizures two days after the application. I have no proof but there was no medical test that could determine what happened to cause a healthy dog to suddenly developed violent Grand Mahl Seizures at a frequency of 5-10 a day.....



You can also sprinkle Dimetrious Earth  - you can get this at any health store, get the human grade and its safe for you and your dog.  You can sprinkle it outside as well that will prevent critters from coming in at doorways or any microscopic opening but it does have to be re-applied after a rain, you can put some on your dog as well.


Wishing you well and certain times of the year I find that no matter what we have to deal with a few ticks especially if my puppy likes to go in the high grass at the park.


Take Care





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Fleas GONE

I have two large Boxers, last summer all of a sudden I had fleas in my yard on my dogs, IN MY HOUSE!!!

It was like within a week. My dogs sleep in my bed!!!

A co-worker told me to try "Confortis" it is a pill that you give your dog once a month and fleas will dir is they bite your dog, and fleas don't like the taste of your dog when he is taking Confortis.

You can purchase it over the counter at most feed stores, pet shops, and animal doctors offices.

I really didn't believe that little pill I give them once a month would do all it says.....

Made a believer out of me. I lightly treated the yard, lightly treated my house Gave the dogs each a pill and with in 30 minutes, they were acting like something was bugging them, then 10 minutes later I checked them real good, and they had NO FLEAS. 

You have to try it!!!!


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Re: Flea and Tick treatment options?

@rjfriday ,


Hello Spoiled Poodle's Owner!! Carol's already given some pawesome advice, but I've got a little something to add to it.


Like the both of you, I'm very adamant about keeping the house clean. I cannot stand bugs and am actually allergic to many, including dog fleas. Funny, right? It wasn't funny when we found out I was allergic to them, that's for sure. But anyway! Because I literally cannot risk fleas entering our home, I use a product called Natural Defense- it's an all natural (made mostly out of cloves) spot-on treatment for fleas & ticks and it's quite effective. We've been using it on our 20lb Dachshund for about two or three years now and it hasn't failed us. We switched to this product after Moco licked some of the regular ole toxic kind and got pretty sick for a few days. No seizures for us, but lots of drooling, excessive water drinking, followed by vomiting. It wasn't pretty, that's for sure. And once it was ingested, there was nothing we could do to make him better other than wait it out and hope he actually DID get better. We were lucky. 


Anyway, best of luck to you and your Poodle! Mind sharing a picture of him for us? :smileyhappy:

Face nuzzles & belly rubs from Moco,

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Thank You for the info on "Sentry".I'm liking that it's natural.Bathing will also kill fleas if you catch them before they infest your home,which I've been lucky to do. When my Cockapoo gets them,I bath every second day till they're gone and this has worked for me.Apple cider vinegar @ a 1/2 tsp I use in his water bowl,depending on your dogs weight (check with your vet) will also keep them at bay. Thankfully he's never had a tick!


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Welcome to Pet360!You have come to the right place :).I a...

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Welcome to Pet360!You have come to the right place :smileyhappy:.I am getting ready myself to try the Food Grade Dimetrious Earth because it can be used in so many different places to help take care of fleas and ticks.I am finding out about so many natural products that i never knew were available until I started exploring the different topics here on Pet360.

Looking forward to seeing you posts pictures of your poodle...I bet he is a real sweetie.


Again,a big welcome to the group where myself,a new PFP and others are here to assist you.Hope you have a wonderful day and please do post pictures.

Jackie P.
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