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Flea and Tick treatment options?

Because my dog is a Therapy Dog, we are not allowed use liquid flea protection because some people think or fear it will harm clients who pet the dog.  Any suggestions for an oral flea prevention medication?

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It won't harm anyone as long as they remember to wash the...

It won't harm anyone as long as they remember to wash their hands after and not to put their hands to their mouths until they do, but some people think this also the less chemicals used on dogs the better the same as people. There is a chewable kind that frontline makes I think that Advantage makes it as well.

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Re: Flea and Tick treatment options?

My vet just gave me a sample of NexGard and he highly recommended it. It's an oral, chewable flea and tick treatment and prevention. On the box, it says it's only for American Dog Ticks, but I read on another forum that they have completed studies for other tick species and waiting for FDA approval for those studies.


So far, no side effects from the medication (I gave it to her two days ago).

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Re: Flea and Tick treatment options?

@theredhare ,


Only Natural Pet makes a Pest Repelling Tag that you attach to your pet's collar and it uses your pet's natural energy to repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes for a full year. No chemicals, no side effects.


There aren't product reviews for it on this website yet, but there are some here on Only Natural Pet's own website. The price is better through Pet360, though, and there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you try the tag and it doesn't work, you can get a full refund. 


My dachshund, Moco, has had adverse side effects to the chemical dips and is starting to show some even with the all-natural one we've been using lately, so in a few weeks, I plan on buying one of these tags for him myself. :womanhappy:


Take care and thank you for working with a Therapy Dog. I'm sure your pup brings so many people a lot of joy. :heart:

Face nuzzles & belly rubs from Moco,

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