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Fleas on young puppy and kitten

OK....I'm sure that I am not the first new pet parent to have this issue, so I'm really hoping for some good, safe advice for my furry babies.


I have a kitten and a puppy.  Both are around 9 wks old.  Both too young for any kind of flea/tick spray, shampoo, or treatment of any kind.  I have been super careful and watchful to make sure I didn't see any signs of fleas.  But lo and behold, whether it be just from my puppy going outside, or me having visited and bringing some in with me, I have discovered fleas.


Both of my pets are very small, and very young, so I am kind-of afraid of how bad fleas will be for them.  Plus I have 3 children that I would like to protect from flea bites.


I have been told that I can bathe my puppy and kitten in regular blue Dawn dish liquid, and that it will get rid of the fleas without harming my furry babies.  My chihuahua already has dry skin, but I know that the fleas are far worse than dry skin.  So, opinions on this...?


Also, on top of bathing the animals, I know that I need to do something to kill the ones in my house.  The infestation isn't bad YET, because I have been watching so closely, and just noticed one or 2 yesterday and today.  I want to stop this before it becomes a bad infestation.  What is safe to use in my house with tiny baby animals, both under 12 wks old, and 3 children?   

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Re: Fleas on young puppy and kitten

Hi @apenguin81


Congratulations on your new family additions! I've seen quite a few fleas over the years, and have tried many things. In the past several years I have moved to natural solutions, and the benefit of these is that they are very safe for young animals and kids. I'll share what has worked for me, but you might also consider checking in with a holistic veterinarian or pet supply shop (this site included!) for information and resources. Some of the things that have worked for me are:


- A really natural, raw diet that includes a bit of garlic and/or brewers yeast. Fleas hate when animals have that in the system, and are less prone to hop on and use your pet as a host. Make sure that you check in with a professional about amounts and doses, I'm not sure what is appropriate for very young animals. 

- Frequency barrier: These are tags that hang from the collar. I was very skeptical myself until I saw the fleas and ticks disappear right after using them, on all three animals that I started on them at 3 different times of year. 

- Herbal sprays: I got mine from a holistic veterinarian, and it's essentially a spray with safe essential oils that you rub on your hands and then on your pets fur. Very important: What's safe on dogs isn't necessarily on cats, who are much more sensitive. And age will be a consideration too. I'd only use these under the advice of a vet for a young kitten or puppy. These sprays can also be used on bedding and blankets.

- Dichotomous earth (food grade). You can use this to get rid of fleas around the house. You will have to be careful about you and the kids and pets not inhaling it, but it's otherwise safe to eat and very effective. I'd just make sure to apply it and not let the pets and kids around until you vaccum it up.


 Good luck!


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Re: Fleas on young puppy and kitten

No actually they aren't too young there is special flea treament for puppies and kittens that they sell in most pet stores and also if you want to get them spayed/ nutered just so that you know they spay and nueter at 2-3 pounds now because cats and dogs can have babies when they are just considered teenagers which can be around 3-6 months of age. Now also most babies this young have worms most all kittens and puppies do when they are born because it isn't safe to give flea treament to mommy cats and dogs when they are pregnant now you can get treatment for them for this as well at most feed stores and pet stores. Also you can bathe them with jhonsons baby shampoo no more tears this is really good for fleas my grandma uses it and she also used it back before they had flea treatment they didn't have it when my grandparents were in their 20's and 30's and had a cat and a dog that needed something for fleas they also sell flea combs which I used to use on my cat Shorty who was allergic to fleas the flea combs work really well but can't get rid of the flea eggs and the flea larva. When I found flea combs I also found out something really interesting about fleas I couldn't bleive it but fleas start out as larva and then eggs it sounds backwards I know but that is what I found out still not sure if it is true or not.

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Re: Fleas on young puppy and kitten many good options!  I thought I would be so limited with them being such little babies!  


I did take my puppy to the vet, but not my kitten yet.  They told me that they won't fix them until they are 6 months old.  :smileysad:  I wanted to fix them long before this so we don't have to have any of the puberty problems.  Maybe there is a way around this...?  I am getting both of them treated for worms, but my kitten is fighting the treatment much harder than my puppy.


So glad I joined this site!  I have gotten such good advice already!

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Re: Fleas on young puppy and kitten



Congrats on having a new puppy and kitten :smileyhappy:they will grow up together...should be fun watching them.As to the flea problem,they are not too young to bathe but you do need a puppy/kitten shampoo...dawn is to harsh for them right now(yes,it will kill fleas)there are many good quality shampoos out there.I got my now 16 mo.old Cocker pup,Beauregard when he was 9 1/2 weeks old and was very surprised to find when I took him to our vet the next day to find that he came with fleas and a fungal ear infection.He got his shots and was immediately put on a flea/tick preventative.We have never had a flea on him since then.Once you get them on some kind of preventative it should take care of your flea problem.Fleas may jump on them but they won't live.

Good luck with whatever methods you end up using on your furbabies.When you get time,I'd love to hear more about them and even see some pictures of them.You can learn how to post pictures,video's and to make/change an avatar in the New Member Corner,found in the green bar just above your name.Happy to have you join us.

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Re: Fleas on young puppy and kitten

To treat for existing fleas on your puppy and kitten:
In addition to bathing them with Dawn, as you've mentioned, Capstar is extremely effective at killing adult fleas very quickly and can be taken by puppies and kittens 4 weeks of age and older, and 2 lbs of body weight or greater.

To use as a preventative against future flea infestation:
For puppy:
After Capstar, you can use Sentinel (which is like birth control for fleas, but will not kill adult fleas which is why Capstar is necessary) on your puppy. It's an oral preventative given once a month and safe for use on puppies 4 weeks of age and over 2 lbs. It's also a preventative against heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms.

For kitten:
After Capstar, you can use Revolution on your kitten. It's a topical preventative given once a month and safe for use on kittens 8 weeks or older. It's also a preventative against heartworms, ear mites, hookworms and roundworms.

NOTE: Capstar, Sentinel and Revolution will need to be prescribed by your veterinarian. I have used (and continue to use) all of these medications on my dog and cat, and have for years. You may want to do some online research on each of the meds, which is what I did, before deciding to go with them. And again, you'll need your vet's approval.

To treat house:
Borax (do an online search and you can find out the steps to take)

Hope this helps, and congrats on the newest furry additions to your home!
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Re: Fleas on young puppy and kitten

Our shih tzu puppy came home at only 6 weeks old and 2 lbs, and he had fleas pretty bad, like big ones that I noticed running across his little forehead! I called my groomer first then followed up with a call to the vet, as he was too little and too young for any type of flea treatment. They advised me with the dishsoap bath immediately and combing, and then we ended up taking him into the vet the next morning, and they had like a frontline spray that they sprayed onto a rag, and then lightly wiped him down. This helped a lot!! But in addition to this, comb, comb, comb!! We kept him off the carpet and limitied him to the kitchen/dining room only, and I combed him several times a day to catch the fleas. This was my first experience (and hopefully last!) ever dealing with fleas. They are fast little boogers, but eventually he was flea free and happy! :smileyhappy:


Good Luck!!

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