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How can we get rid of fleas?

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My Havanese has somehow gotten a bad case of fleas. He doesn't spend time in the grass, we walk him in the street for exercise and only on a strip of side grass to do his business, so we don't know where he got them. We had been lax over the summer in applying Advantix but then we started up, and a week or two later he still had them. Vaccuumed the house for hours for a week straight. Now he is on a pill called Trifexis and it had better work! Poor thing is confined to the kitchen so that he doesn't get them on, or from, the furniture. Suggestions welcome!

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Re: How can we get rid of fleas?

Ugh that is the worst!


Growing up, our dog had a *bad* case of fleas.  And then it spread like wildfire in the house.  To the point where we put her in the basement (how horrible, right?).  But whenever we would go down to the basement to feed her and give her attention, we'd end up having fleas crawling all over us.  It was disgusting.


We ended up having to have the entire house bombed - by a pest control person.  LIke, serious pesticide was used -- we (and every other living thing in the house) had to stay out of the house for HOURS.  It makes my skin crawl just remembering it!  :smileysurprised:


We didn't have the kind of flea protection, etc. back then that we do now.  But for some reason I'm thinking that fleas are like roaches - they multiply like CRAZY.


Are you seeing fleas anywhere else in the house?

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