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My dog has IBD and ulcers..does anyone have a home cook recipe? She doesn't seem to be gaining any weight and I'm hoping she continues to heal and live a quality life...I'm willing to try store bought dog food if it will help...any information will b appreciated..she is allergic also but for now I must focus on her condition and getting her well...
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IBD and ulcers

Poor baby!  Is she on any medication as well?  And do you know if she has to avoid any particular foods?


I would recommend two different brands I've used and they are really, really good food - 


Anything by The Honest Kitchen (although not every dog likes it - you can get a sample on their website).


Lucky Dog Cuisine - initially a $$ investiment, which is why I didn't continue with it, but my dog LOVEEEEEDDDDD it.


Hope this helps!

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Yes she's on predsoine and carafate..I cook for her so sh...

Yes she's on predsoine and carafate..I cook for her so she can get all the daily nutrients she needs to heal and stay healthy . I'd like to try some other recipes since she has allergies.. Not sure what they all r just yet ..I was working on food allergies until she got real I'm just trying to fatten her up a little.. She seems to be chewing on her paws a lot which I think it's the reaction from the steroids..mahalo for your reply.

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