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Possile Solution Teeth Problems

Possible solution to teeth problems. After spending many many $$ on a beloved Cihuahua waying a mere 3 pounds, for teeth problems, the vet suggested baby carrots.

Two Chihuahua's later Zeus loves them they are his candy. The Vet still asks me what I do to keep the little fella's teeth clean I smile say nothing he has forgotten his advice of years ago. At first sweeten the dogs acceptance with a light covering of beef or bacon fat. Cleans their breath as well.

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Carrots for Teeth


Thank you for your dental health story.


I am definitely and advocate of striving to keep the body healthier by taking a holistic approach, especially by incorporating whole foods into a dog’s diet.


Even though he is now eating carrots with great appeal, it is still vitally important that you strive to take more specific action in terms of his home dental care protocol.  Daily brushing with a dry toothbrush or use of an antiseptic cleansing wipes (DentAcetic wipes, etc.) Can greatly help to reduce oral cavity bacteria, which are the root of all periodontal disease. The bacteria that moves into the blood can accumulate on the heart valves and in the kidneys and liver (among other places), leading to preventable and permanent organ system damage.


Even if we strive to do our best to provide the utmost and I’m don’t care, sometimes there is the need for our pets to go under anesthesia to have a more thorough evaluation and cleaning.  Provided your dog is healthy enough and you have confidence in your veterinary practitioner, anesthesia can be a relative nonevent for dogs regardless of their age.  After all, age is not a disease, but periodontal disease certainly is.  


Good luck,

Dr. PM

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