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Preventive Treatment for Tick Bite

My 2 year 10 month old toy poodle, Garbo, was found to have a dee tick last night. She is an agliity performance dog so I worry about Lyme Disease. Her vet, her trainers and handler all say 28 days of Doxycycline even though not full blown Lyme. I hate that she has to have antibiotics for so long but assume this is protocal. Does anyone have experience with this?

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Antibiotic treatment for suspected exposure to Lyme Disease


Thank you for your question.

When it comes to tick borne diseases in pets, we have to consider that not every tick bites will permit the passage of bacteria, such as Borrelia burgdoferi (Lyme Disease’s causative agent).  Typically, there has to be a attachment and blood feeding for a period of a few hours in order for bacteria to pass from the tick into its host.


The decision to put your job on antibiotics should be done under the guidance of your veterinarian.  If your dog has not yet had an examination, I suggest you schedule one so that you can meet face to face with your veterinarian, a physical exam can be performed, and the best recommendation for diagnostic testing and treatment can be provided.


When it comes to treating tick borne diseases, courses of antibiotics like doxycycline are commonly prescribed for an extended time period; even upwards of 4 to 6 weeks.  Typically, this is well tolerated by most pets.


Good luck,

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