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Tick Dangers

I just removed a tick from my dog today.  It was there less than a day and the only reason i know that is I check over her daily because we do a lot of running in a big field.  I did not notice it yesterday but when I got home this morning I saw it there.  Do all ticks carry lyme disease?  Should I be worried?  This is the first time I've ever had to remove a tick from any of my animals.


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Re: Tick Dangers

It is a very bad year for ticks and lets face it they are nasty! To answer your question No, not all ticks carry lyme disease. And there are several different types of ticks. Go on line to your local DNR website and they will usually have a listing of the different species of ticks and most prevalent carriers of lyme and other diseases and potential dangers. I have pulled many ticks of of my dog this year alone and she is treated. Best of luck hope this helps.

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Frisky Friend
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Re: Tick Dangers

Thanks a bunch. Had no idea the DNR had a list of them. I was just worried because I know the nasty crap that ticks can carry and I've never had ticks on my animals. My dog is treated as well and I was surprised to find one on her.
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Re: Tick Dangers

Is she on a tick medication?  I know some of them protect against them and then some don't kill them until they've already bitten...

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