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cancer in dogs

Can a dog get cancer from secound hand smoking?

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Re: cancer in dogs

Yes they can just like a child or another person it can affect animals too, my cat Charlie we think he came from a smokers home because when he first came to us from his previous owners his moewing was extremely croaky and ill sounding we thought if it got worse we would have to take him to the vet but it actually got better and now he sounds like a normal cat. I have also seen dogs that come from smoking homes come into the rescue I work with and their bark is diffrent from dogs that come from a smokers home.

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Re: cancer in dogs

Hi WilliamMarr,


Great question!  Dogs (and cats, birds, rabbits etc.) are susceptible to the effects of second hand smoke just like people.  Not only is cancer a concern, but so is asthma, allergy related issues, skin / coat problems and eye irritation.  For more information about how this affects dogs check out this article via Modern Dog.





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Re: cancer in dogs

It would be nice if I could read this article but as you can see its covered with other words. Please show it again in another issue so I can read It! Thank-you

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