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fleas won't die

Own 5 and 1/2 year old long haired German Shepherd who has had superior healthcare all her life. I was displaced and had to move to California from NJ shore. Stayed in hotels all the drive out in April. That drive I stayed in Hampton Inn's. After a few months at relative I had to leave and was again forced to live in motels. She developed hot spots. Took her to vet and it rectified. Prednisone and antibiotics.

July I again drove from CA to Georgia where I landed in a home on 6 acres with three stays that were taken in NOT ON TREATMENT. I soon found out that the house had a flea infestation. My dog for the first time ever got flea bites and so did I. I tackled this aggressively. My dog was switched by Vet from Frontline Plus to Tritak.

I cannot get a handle on this at all. My poor dog has millions of teeny pinpoint brown dots all over her belly, hind legs and is dropping tons of hair. She also has localized bites, redness, welts under her collar and mostly in folds of her inside legs. So many crusts of scabbing developing. I fear that this is not just fleas but some type of mites, scabies, mange.

Anyone have any history of this type of thing with their dog? I am not in good financial spot. Cannot even take her to her Vet here until I get my check on the first.

Please talk to me. I am going crazy with worry and sadness. She is very close to me. it is just me and her. I have no family left.

Thanks, Valerie

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Re: fleas won't die

Wow, this is tough. Check out the "natural options" group maybe you can find some more help and or solutions there. I know how frustrating fleas can be. An infestation must be taken care of or the problem will continue unfortunately.  And all the animals in the home would have to be treated at this time not just yours. Maybe you could look into some of the local rescue organizations and or shelters in your area. They maybe able to lend you a hand with some of the financial hardship in exchange for some volunteering on your part!!!! Always worth a shot. Best of luck.

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Re: fleas won't die

As much as you want to be natural, I think drastic action is needed -- start by bombing the house. Bug bombs will deal with the fleas and anything else. Then vaccuum and clean everything. Vaccuum with Borax. You MAY have to do this again in two weeks, just keep an eye on it.


Put diamateceous (sp?) Earth around the property, especially the house itself. This stuff is supposed to get in the exoskeleton of the bugs and mess them up. Try to get food-grade. Try the hardware stores or tractor supply for it.


As for the dog, use a tea tree oil soap like Dr. Bronner's to bathe the dog. Gets TONS of fleas off. Works really well. Something with oatmeal can also be great for soothing the itchy feeling.


Then, I would switch to Seresto. It's amazing. Lulu's been on it since May/June and I have no fleas. It was a flealess summer, and it was glorious. And I live in Florida! Even the cat has stopped itching.

Has your dog's food changed at all in all this? You also have the stress of the move, plus the bites being a new thing. That could also exacerbate things.


Good luck!


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Re: fleas won't die

Some dogs are actually allergic to fleas. It's called FAD (flea allergy dermatitis). They have an allergic reaction to the flea's saliva. Even one flea bite can cause a dog to be itchy for weeks if they are allergic. Then they can get a secondary bacterial infection. Sounds like your dog may have this problem unfortunately :smileysad: Christie gave some great advice on treating the fleas. 

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Fleas won't die

Everyone has good advice  I would like to add. I know money is an issue.  But maybe you and the homeowner could go in together and get a box of Capstars.  They are a one pill that will kill all fleas on a dog in 24 hours. It is a short acting medication.  So give this and do a topical treatment at the same time.  It kind of gives the topical a headstart.  And like the other people said you have to treat everything the house, the yard and the animal.  Good luck


P.S.  I have also heard you can put a Flea collar inside your vacume and it will kill any that are swept up.

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